SimCity BuildIt AirShips DLC Rolling Out

SimCity Airship Pack
I am very pleased to announce the good news that has been roaming around just today about the SimCity BuildIt update that is going to roll out anytime soon this week. Well, by update, I mean it is something that can surely bring interest to everyone. So, the update is all bout the a new DLC pack. For those who are not playing this game, the difference between SimCity PC and Mac versions with the SimCity BuildIt version which is on mobile, any updates or DLC that the latter will have is complete free. It can be downloaded directly while playing the game which will redirect the user to either Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.

This exciting new content available is about the Airship Pack. By the end of this blog, you will get to learn about the contents of the pack, what you can do with it, and the learn some neat tips and tricks that can surely optimize the way you deal with this pack.

Let us start with what you can get with this update. You will get two kind of contents, the hot air balloon park and the urban hot air balloon park. In addition to that two, you can also have a new option for public transport — that is the airship hangar. This will give your Sims an option to fly and use air balloons as way of transportation from places to places.

Both air balloon park are made of large piece of land. In return, it increases the land value by which it has been put up. These park will attract medium to high wealth Sims. Meaning, you will get to see fluctuating population near these parks. Moreover, having this park gives a boost on your Sims happiness level. Seeing a balloon flying gives a smile to your Sims. It is also advisable to put this park around commercial and highly urbanized place in your city to make the most out of it.

On the other hand, the airship hangar will give the medium to high wealth Sims a chance to travel with this means of transportation. However, you can also have the option to put a commercial airship for struggling communities for commuters and shoppers. This will benefit the area and at the same time attract tourists from other cities, perhaps from your friend. The main advantage to it is the fact that, it does not demand a lot from your city traffic. Something that is also possible with the new working SimCity BuildIt apk  an innovation that most of the gamers nowadays are after. It speeds up things for any SimCity gamer.

Now that you all about the SimCity BuildIt Airship pack, get out there and start playing with it. It’s free so you don’t have to worry a thing.

The Dark Side of GTA V Game Everyone Should Understand

gta v rated M

Adults should need to understand that Grand Theft Auto V is an M-rated action video game brimming with gang violence, nudity, extremely coarse language, and also alcohol and drug abuse. It isn’t really a game for youngsters. Playing as hardened bad guys, players kill not only fellow gangsters but likewise police officers and also innocent civilians using both weapons and vehicles while conducting conscious crimes, consisting of a particularly disturbing scene involving torture. Females are frequently depicted as sexual materials, with a strip club mini-game allowing gamers to snuggle strippers’ bodies, which are nude coming from the waist up.

Players also have the opportunity to develop their avatars use marijuana and also drink alcohol, both of these of which impact their perception of the world. Not one of the main characters in the game makes for a decent role model. Every one of them is actually criminals who think of themselves first and others rarely at all. Few games are much more plainly targeted to an adult audience.

The very first thing we speak about in our genuine review was actually the graphics and also inevitably it’s the first thing anyone wishes to know about with the next gen version as well. The video game now runs at 1080p and also 30 frames per second but just like other last gen update like The Last Of Us, the fact is that for much of the time the game doesn’t look a lot different coming from how you keep in mind it even if a side to side comparison shows that it’s your memory at fault, not the amount of work that’s been put into the game.

Some modifications are extremely obvious though which makes it somewhat unbalanced like the occurence of GTA 5which others are exploiting at times, the pedestrian and also traffic density has all of a sudden increased, so that it currently resembles the real Los Angeles and also not some English village out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The illumination has also got a major upgrade, and consequently swimming underwater has actually become mesmerizing. Trees and also flags now wave reasonably in the wind and there’s a subtle depth of field impact that for once in a game looks reasonable, rather than just a tech demo. The draw distance in general has likewise improved, although the texture and object pop-in is greatly reduced.

It assists that the initial game looked amazing. Gaming brains have the capability to fill in the blanks, tricking us right into imagining things looked snazzier than they did. Which doesn’t occur here? This looks a lot better that the world imbibes you, dragging you in with details a handbrake light on a car dashboard or even tufts of grass erupting from cracked pavements. The first-person mode creates all these tiny bits visible, and it alters the way you play. Basic GTA nonsense all of a sudden feels more convincing, stuff like climbing an enormous crane to toss yourself face-first right into the pavement or even standing on a busy highway just to see how many cars hit you.

How to Download Sims 4 Free

Sims Life Development

How to Download Sims 4 Free

The world of the Sims has really been broadened to a regular setup where Sims can easily walk from one large amount to the following, the community around them continuing instead of freezing ’til your Sim arrives on the scene. This makes the life process of the Sim; as your Sims ages, so also do all the Sims around them. To counter-balance the unrelenting blood circulation of time, the designers have actually included a 6th stage of life, younger grownup, to the regular pattern to expand gameplay without compelling you to obtain a college themed growth pack.
The Sims is loaded with brand-new in addition to different things to spruce up Sims gameplay we’ve been made use of for over a decade nonetheless here’s simply exactly how it piles up as a standalone game.

Different mixes of qualities might lead to odd Sims that prefers to undergo their next door neighbors gardens or have a moderate psychotic episode. A whole lot much better, baby Sims begin out with 2 attributes at birth established by just how well Mom’s maternity went that far much better it went, the a whole lot a lot more most likely the individual will obtain to choose them as well as create even more based on specifically just how difficult their youth is.

the Sims 4 Free Download

It’s excellent to have a little extra time to climb the profession ladder. Unlike the Sims 2 College Life development, there’s no restriction to being a young adult. Being a Young Adult in Sims 3 simply shows even more options: climb that job ladder or acquire wed and knocked up as soon as you quit being a teenager. Anyone who ever battled to make excellent proportion in the Sims or the Sims 2 will rejoice the first time they placed a product in between ceramic tiles as opposed to straightening them flawlessly with the grid. Similarly, those taken in with inclined factors will certainly treasure having the capacity to build tilted wall surface areas that you could really straighten points with.

In Sims past, a boosted social circle was crucial to climbing the occupation ladder. You required a minimum of 10 good friends to rack up some marketing which called for approximately 10 telephone calls a day plus 10 friend dates intermittent day to develop connections. Sims 4 download reduces every one of this tedium by not needing a buddy matter for job coupons. There are, nonetheless, benefits to having lots of chums: recognizing specific Sims activates Opportunities mini-quests where Sims could have to do some work or stay late at the workplace that can rack up a Sim additional cash money or relocate them up the career ladder much faster.

Hay Day Diamond Cheats

Hay Day Honest Review

Hay Day Diamond Cheats

Familiarity is one thing that makes us play games. Like, “Oh, I think I know this game, it has the same mechanics as the one I played before.”  Especially if you know the concept are pretty much the same, then chances are, you’re going to be immerse in that game.  So last three months ago, I reviewed a game called Clash of Clan and personally liked it as far as mobile gaming is concern. It was well made and the mechanics are easy to learn and very enjoyable. It was actually kind of addictive. Fast forward to the now, which is a short ride of about three months and here we are. There’s yet another game released by the same developer, now it is called Hay Day. Which you’d think I’d be excited about. I mean, the first one was great.

The game as the title speaks is not the same as the ones released earlier. This one is more of a farming simulator. It does not look the same, nor does it plays the same. This is a totally different game but somehow the familiarity aspect is there. And if you know anything about me, you know I’m fine with that, because I love playing different genre as long as it fits my taste. I’m not pointing this out to criticize, exactly. I mean, I am criticizing, but the point is, this game Hay Day cheats is not a unique game option but it has something in it that makes it attractive to players like myself. They’re really individual games, as much as they’re are made from the same company. It’s like foods in a hotel. You pick something and be done with it. And yeah, you could take one of everything, but that will not be that good.

Now, coming from the same creator, in fact, means decent this is a decent, if not great, simulation game. And that’s the thing. And actually, I was pleasantly surprised by how the game as I was playing it. So what about the gameplay? Well, it starts like any other simulation game and lets you choose your farm. Honestly,  it starts off slow with all those tutorials that you need to watch or skip. So it’s not long before you’re frantically cleaning your farm, planting different crops, flowers, trees etc,  feeding your animals, baking things, and so much more. You better have to play it to appreciate the things I am telling you right now. The games gets pretty hectic just a few minutes after the initial lull. I love how it plays, too. It’s basically like any other touch gameplay game on your mobile device, because all the interaction is done with touch, on the screen.

Generally speaking, Hay Day  plays just fine. But as with the other games of the same genre, there’s really not much to do apart from planting, cleaning and selling. So it gets really repetitive. And a little customization would help that, but there isn’t any. I mean, simple is good, until things get too simple. And to be honest, I’ve been pretty lenient here. I hope the developers can read this one so they can give us the update that would make its gamers happy. As far as gaming is concern, I still would play this but I would be happy for the upcoming updates soon.

COD Heroes Hack Tool

Call of Duty Heroes – iOS And Android

COD Heroes Hack Tool

Hey gamers this is now once again the moment of Call of Duty in its new style in mobile gaming. Together with different features from different versions of Call of Duty which include Call of Duty Ghost, Modern Warfare and more. Activision is on fire again for more wonderful video game where gamers have to challenge against other players online. With Heroes iOS and Android version at some point, you can play the video game in your iPhone and Ipad. If you are a fan of these gadgets then you can start to enjoy them today and bring them wherever you are.

Using this current version Call of Duty Heroes differs from the primary one which you enjoy doing the first person shooter in the game but with Call of Duty Heroes you will have combat strategy entertainment with a base to protect.  Using the strategy and elite troops you can reign over other base and sometimes attack experiencing killstreaks and earn more points and rewards.

Although the video game have become smaller but you still need maps to locate your enemy base just like COC, nevertheless there are much entertainment you can encounter while you can observe them in your mobile phone screen. As  discuss earlier and Android version is in its woks, nevertheless while this hot trend of apps are coming in the App Store, Google might get jealous but still Google later on will have to profit in this Apps. For now there is no yet a specific schedule for the Android version but can be enjoyed currently with Beta version. Although there are lots of reviews and videos giving information but not precisely so wait for it.

You can download the video game in iOs, nevertheless you can improve the encounter by purchasing rare Celerium package in-app. Although if you have no money you can acquire these resources like gold, oil, and cerelium gradually as you battle against other player or AI. Read more out of this site to get the resources for free.

Pokemon Omega Ruby – The Nostalgic Feel of a Remake

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom

Try playing Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire today just for the sake of being a Pokemon fan. I am pretty sure, you will feel that familiar awe but then you will realize that there so many things missing in the game. For sure you can’t register your favorite items to a handy menu which we have become accustomed with the newer generations of Pokemon Games like the newest remake Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And who would hate the fact that the latest series has a more balanced way of gameplay with the introduction of Dark and Steel types challenging the Psychic type and the separation of attack type from the “physical” or “special” categories.

The minute details of being able to use the HM moves like Strength or Cut or Surf without having to go into your party menu. It is too tedious right? Who would forget the habitat mode that was introduced when Black and White 2 was introduced in the series? The ease of cataloging every creature you have met and caught along your journey with just a few button presses is a big plus to the newer generation, something that was missing with the original Ruby and Sapphire titles. There’s always new features to add, there’s always something to streamline, and there’s always a new opponent — that is always been the marketing strategy of Game Freak and Nintendo to keep all of us fans interested even as we grow older that we used to play our first Pokemon game ever. And the popular tag line of the game has always been in your goal, that is trying to be the very best, like no one ever was.

New remake simply means that you will get to indulge yourself into a new amazing journey despite the fact that the game no matter what version it is will still give you that familiar feel. There are a number of new towns and routes to travel with, as well as those NPCs that you have to talk and battle with around the whole region to basically achieve the linear story of the game. The fact that the game is currently the second one on the generation powered by the Nintendo 3DS console, we can only expect a whole lot of immersive experience in a 3D perspective. It may not be that fast at times as far as frames per second is concern but the mere fact that it renders those animations just like what we see in the real world except for the fact that it is in cartoons, makes you smile and be amazed. These new Pokemon games is definitely a must play game of today, and you should give it a try! Visit this website if do not want to miss any updates with Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom and its features.

To know more of the story you might check this site

The Dreadful Truth About Boom Beach

Boom Beach

I don’t normally make assumptions, because normally, I don’t have to especially when it comes to games. Normally, I know everything. But I don’t know a thing about this Boom Beach game by SuperCell, and I’m happy to tell you that’s the truth. In fact, I’ve played it, and I still don’t know a much thing about it. But I’m going to go ahead and assume this is a game for those who love base building since this is just more of a copycat to its predecessor Clash of Clans.

So this is a touch-controlled game like most of the iOS and Android games that are being released nowadays. Anyway, you show up on this beach, and the first thing that happens is you have to name it just like any normal base building game would require you. Tutorial is part the preliminary steps and you need to spend more than an hour of your time following instructions that are being shown in the screen. It’s one long tutorial, only instead of showing you how to do things and making it interactive, you just read.

Seriously speaking, at first I find this game very boring. I just don’t know why. I seriously couldn’t take it. There’s almost nothing I wouldn’t rather do than play this game. It’s unthinkable to me that someone with any concept of fun would put this together. I mean, you go hours and hours of waiting. You know, the things people like about these games? The fact that they get to practice their logic and critical thinking as they reach the level where the only way to progress is to attack and defend their base.

The game is nothing new especially to those who have been a player to a lot of iOS and Android devices. It has some of the mechanics that are from those base building games. While it tries to be unique, you can’t really take the fact that this is somehow just a copycat made better from those which came first. The overall game is not that boring as you go along, nor it is that much of exciting, unless you have the money to finance your way to the top. Eliminating the fact that you have to wait quite a lot if you are just a casual gamer who does not want to spend a dime. I have nothing against this Boom Beach game, although I am not recommending this to those who is not patient enough.  As a game, it is just right to give this rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Is Super Mario Golf Worlf Tour Worth the Money?

mario golf world tour

I know I’ve started every other review for like two weeks off this way, but it still works: This is not Shining Force for you to know. Though it’s got the strongest claim to the title, as it’s actually developed by Camelot, and features a fantastic Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack, and it continues to leave me baffled why the one company who could go toe-to-toe with Intelligent and make a tactical RPG that gave Fire Emblem fits would give that up to make Mario Golf. I’ve been puzzling over that for decades now, and the only thing close to an answer I’ve managed to find is this: “Stop bellyaching and tee up.” So I did.

Yes, that’s Mii right there. Sure, you could do the standard play of choosing a Mario franchise character to control as you take to the links but frankly, wouldn’t it be more fun to be yourself, your own Mii, climbing the ranks and making the whole of the Mario cast feel the taste of your vengeance? And that taste tastes like ball-washer fluid. That’s where the whole “World Tour” aspect comes in. Sure, it’s a Mario sports game (ostensibly) but the real attraction is giving you a solid platform on which to compete as yourself, against golfers from around the world. That’s the real draw. That’s your selling point.

The fact that you can still throw down against Luigi and Daisy is an afterthought now. It’s a fascinating transformation, but not all that uncommon: After all, Pokémon’s been doing it for generations now. To facilitate your putting the ball in the hole – because, really, that’s all you’re doing here – you’ve got a whole pro shop full of gear and threads to unlock and purchase which is all fine and dandy, except that you’re never really “upgrading.” You’re putting on skins, and you might like the way you look, but at the end of the day every gain in drive distance is going to be offset by losing a little bit of control. That’s your “advancement,” right there, being able to play by those thinner margins in exchange for more raw power.

Think on that concept for a second. You get more distance only by recognizing your own skill. Kind of comforting, in a way. Anyway, enough waxing philosophical about the nature of improvement. You’ve got two game modes: your familiar Mario Golf where franchise characters (and your own Mii, if you prefer) tee off in stroke, match, timed, or points play; and the Castle Club, where your Mii develops and improves its skills and stats by participating in tournaments, either locally or globally. The game includes three full 18-hole courses, and six more intensely-themed 9-hole courses like Peach Garden and Cheep Cheep Lagoon, each unlocked by completing challenges in the single-player mode.

Plus, since it’s 2014 and things like this are the norm, you can buy 2-packs of DLC courses – each including a new character – for $6 a whack or $15 for a “Season pass.” That’s right, a season pass. The infection has spread. I’ve done a lot of talking about how the game is put together, but not much about how it plays. Well, it plays great. It plays as accurately as you’d hope a strange, cartoony, arcade style of golf should play. Maybe not Pangya levels of over-the-top chaos, but it’s certainly not your uncle Merle’s bag. The courses look beautiful, the character models are well-animated, there’s strange Persona splashes of yellow on every shot transition for reasons I can’t quite pin down, and an awesome Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack permeates every inch of it.

The only two serious issues I found with it were as follows: firstly, if you’re trying to play quickly and fast-forward through extraneous scenes (say, if the terms of a challenge are to slam through a nine-hole course in under seven minutes), the transitions can get really choppy and mess with the animation. Secondly, the impact grid that shows you the topography of your target no longer rests underneath the ball’s trajectory, but lies off where you’re “aiming.” Which you might not even get to, because of a ridge that will influence your roll, which you didn’t know about because you get the point. But at the end of the day, you’re still going to lose hours, days, and weeks off your life in your eternal quest to land your approach just so, and put that cackling dope Mario in his place.

Tiny Wings 2 Gameplay Impressions

Tiny Wings 2Today, I’m here with a review of Tiny Wings 2 and Tiny Wings HD. The original game was one of my favorites and it’s now gotten a major upgrade as well as an iPad version so let’s take a look. The first thing you’ll notice is that the excellent cartoon-like graphics have been updated with Retina support which makes everything pop even more. If you’ve never played Tiny Wings the premise is simple, you control a bird which has to build up momentum by sliding down hills and then soaring into the air. In the main mode you’re still racing to cover as much ground as possible before night falls so timing your jumps perfectly is key.

What’s new is Flight School mode. Here you can pick one of four birds to play and then race to see who can make it to the end of the level first. This adds a very different style of gameplay. In the normal mode it’s a much more relaxed experience but in this new mode you have three other birds to race against and you have to at least finish third or you’ll have to do the level again. There are 15 islands to go through and you can always play them over with different birds to improve your time. The fantastic music and sound effects are still here as well. Another new addition is iCloud save support which not only keeps everything backed up via iCloud but also syncs between the different versions so you can start the game on your phone and pick it up on your iPad.

Best of all Tiny Wings 2 is a free update if you’ve bought the original game and still only $0.99 to buy if you haven’t. You’ll also find Tiny Wings HD which is a separate app in the App Store for $3. This has all of the same game modes from the iPhone version including the classic Day Trip mode and Flight School. I find the gameplay slightly better on the iPad with the added screen real estate and more room to use the incredibly complicated one touch controls. The main new feature on the iPad version is Hill Party which is split-screen multiplayer. The way it works is that the iPad goes into split-screen mode and you and your friend race on any of the 15 new islands.

As great as online multiplayer is there’s definitely something to be said about playing together with someone. If you’ve played Tiny Wings before you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, a polished game with excellent music, great gameplay and an experience that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. For $0.99 the iPhone version is absolutely worth a download if you haven’t grabbed it already and the iPad version is just as good if not better. There’s a lot you can say about Tiny Wings but I think it can be summed up pretty easily. Just go download it.

Super Mario Kart – Not Your Ordinary Racing Game


When I was younger, my brother had his SNES out, playing a copy of Super Mario Kart. From then on, I was hooked. The series seemed to be made for me. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play, and you get to throw freaking koopa shells at your opponents. It’s also been one of the few series in gaming that really hasn’t had a misstep. Now, I wasn’t a big fan of the motion control aspect of the Wii version, and I know that some, although this list doesn’t include me, were not a fan of Double Dash. But for the most part, this series has been one of the best, from beginning to present, in all of gaming. Of course, with a title like Mario Kart 7, some might infer that this latest entry in the series may be more of the same, but this is actually the freshest entry in the series in a very long while.

Mario Kart 7 features the Grand Prix mode that we’ve all come to know and love from past entries in the series, and yes, as far as this goes, we have seen it before. There’s still the 50, 100 and 150cc cups, and you’ll still be going across a variety of themed tracks. The difference, however, is that these tracks no longer force you to stay on the ground. For the first time in a Mario Kart game, Mario Kart 7 allows you to fly off of special ramps and soar into the air with a glider. Couple this with the 3D effect that the 3DS does so well, and the series gets flipped on its head.

In addition to these segments, which are very common, there are less common underwater sequences. Now, it may just be because the air sequences give so much control, but the water ones feel a little sluggish. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as this change of pace helps to keep things interesting. Controls in Mario Kart 7 are some of the best I’ve ever played on a handheld. A or Y is accelerate, R is jump and drift, and X or L is the item button, and with steering being handled by the circle pad, this means that you’ll have access to every button at all times. The 3DS feels like it was just made for this game, it’s really astounding. Now, the not as astounding thing is that a first-person mode can be used by pressing up on the d-pad, but if you have the 3D effect on, you’ll have to literally spin in your chair to keep the effect working properly, and with 3D, that will probably lead to some vomiting.

Of course, multiplayer is the best aspect of any Mario Kart game, and Mario Kart 7 is no exception. 8 person races are now available, and I experienced absolutely no lag in my time with this mode. I did get booted from a few races, but this should go down after the game is out for a little while. Racing against people from Japan, Germany, England and France at the same time is cool. Visually, Mario Kart 7 is one of the most impressive games I’ve ever seen on the 3DS. From rain effects to the tremendous environments, this game looks like a Gamecube game, maybe even a little better. Sound is what you would expect, with all of your favorite tracks, for each track, returning. I hate the Rainbow Road song, though. It’s not the actual music. It’s the fact that it’s the soundtrack to me falling off of the edge. Mario Kart 7 is a fantastic game, and if you own the 3DS, this is an absolute “must purchase.” This will get played for more time than just about anything on the 3DS, I guarantee it.